Create an Android App and Test It on Your PC/MAC (With Pictures) - Just a test blog
That's all folks!
I recommend you read 'How To Create Your Own Android App' before continue reading this or this might not make any sense to you.

Running the Android Virtual Device Emulator:

Open Eclipse and load up your recent android project. (If you don't know how to or what is eclipse, read This)

Now goto Run > Run Configurations

And select the 'Target' tab right beside the 'Android' tab and open the AVD Manager.

Select 'Device Definitions' tab and select a device according to your PC/MAC specifications, ( If you select a more powerful or higher resolution device than your screen resolution, the emulator might crash ) then click 'Create AVD', and click OK on the next screen.

In your 'Android Virtual Devices' tab a new device will be create. Select your device and Click on 'Start' and then 'Launch' and your virtual device will be launched.

Making an App and Testing it:

Minimize your Android Virtual Device and Close AVD Manager and Run Configurations.

Select your project from the projects tab and select 'main_activity.xml' and switch to 'Graphical Layout'.

Now add anything you like to your app, like a button or maybe some text.

You can change the text by selecting it and changing the 'Text' property on the right.

Now make sure you have your Project name selected on the left and click on the small play button > Run as > Android Application.

In a moment or it might take a minute or two (depending on your PC/MAC speed) your First Android App will be live on your Android Virtual Device.

I recommend you to play around with it, add buttons, add swipes, add your own text. You will learn a lot of stuff!

If you have any question or anything, Please let me know down below.