How To Send Messages To Any Facebook Profile (Even Protected Ones) on Facebook - Just a test blog
That's all folks!
If someone has limited their Facebook profile to their friends only, no other person can interact with them except their friends.

Here is a little trick I learned some time ago that allows you to send messages to anyone on Facebook, even those people who've disabled their message button. I've been using this to mock my friends and some ladies that I adore(Just kidding) on Facebook.

This is actually a quite delicate glitch and no one seems to know about this. Well, why not take advantage of this glitch until it's around? follow the steps below:

❶ Goto the persons profile you want to send a message to:

❷ Copy their username or their profile number from the url:

❸ Now goto messages and select + New Message:

❹ Paste their username/profile number into the "To" section and after that, write "" so it sort of a becomes their facebook email.

❺ Then type in your message below and click send.

..Voila! Your message will be sent and a new conversation would be started in the message section.

Facebook has this helpful email service where you can send emails to any other accounts like yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc, but they are unaware that their helpful service can be used back to trick their own messages.

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